Discover the 10 Worst Makeshift Items Ever Made in the World

When we are stuck with a sudden problem that needs urgent fixing, the situation might call for a makeshift repair.

While we hope our idea will work temporarily, some ideas are just not really good enough to even try. But maybe you have tried some of them.


You may have watched a few DIY hacks on YouTube and knew better than to try it. Let’s take a look at the worst solutions yet.

Why Wood You do That?

If you have ever visited the subreddit DiWhy, you know that there are many bad ideas and ways of fixing a problem yourself. Many of us may know about the high cost of getting a bent fender fixed at the auto body shop, but it’s not a good idea to take it into your own hands and try to fix it yourself.

This is particularly true if you lack considerable knowledge about panel beating because you are a carpenter by trade. Not only would this makeshift paneling ruin the value of your car, but the weight is bound to increase fuel consumption.


While it might work, it is not a good idea at all, but at least they got the detailing perfect.

Table on Stilts

We have all encountered a problem with tables being too short to use comfortably. It probably would have been better to simply remove the original legs and replace them with longer ones.

The one thing that seems more bothersome than the add-on extensions is the inclusion of coaster wheels that seemingly have no purpose. It also doesn’t look like the extensions could handle that much weight.


Hanging Lights

There is just too much wrong with this solution. While it might be a creative way to solve the problem, it seems too unsafe to be a good solution.

The coat hanger does not seem to be very secure, and the connections of the wiring seem as dangerous as the idea itself. Hopefully, it was only a temporary makeshift solution and whoever did this sought professional help.

Dino Heels

A problem that many women have had to deal with is broken heels on their favorite shoes, and they all know the kind of accidents this could lead to. For most women, it would either mean they have to throw out the shoes or have the heels repaired by a shoemaker.

The following solution might be creative, but it does not seem very practical. It does not look comfortable at all, and it seems like the poor T-Rex is going to cave in under the weight at any time.

Even more, it does not seem like a very stylish solution that you’d want to be seen wearing.

The Best Cup Holder Ever

A lot of older car models don’t have fancy cup holders, but that did not keep this creative soul from improvising. By the looks of it, this makeshift solution seems to be a bit more long-term. It is at least an effective, though rather crude, solution.

We’re not sure how long it would last or if it is entirely safe. At least this person found a useful and creative way to use the last stretch of tape and the roll.

It would seem less effective on anything other than what it is currently used for, and the universal value of this makeshift solution is questionable.

Recycled Air Filter

The following example is exactly why you should take your car to a qualified technician for repairs. For those who are unaware, this is meant to be a makeshift air filter cover.

While it might work, it is not going to be an effective solution, not even in the short term. A makeshift repair like this would likely cause damage to the motor, but at least whoever did this tried to get the best value they possibly could from the value-sized popcorn.

When You Just Have to Have the Best Sound System on the Block

We’re not sure if this actually works, but if it does, the person who did this must be an incredible sound engineer. It would have probably taken a lot of effort and modifications to both fit this CD-ROM in its place and get it to actually work.

If it does work, it is a creative solution for building your own sound system, but all the effort it must have taken makes it seem like a better idea to buy a proper CD player. At least it is definitely theft-proof.

The Safest Car in the Neighborhood

This is probably the worst way to fix a broken car lock. Not only would you have to cause severe damage to your car, but it seems like a real problem to lock it again once you are inside.

Nothing about this makes sense, but at the very least, even a desperate car thief would think twice before stealing this car.

Homemade Pool

Pools can be expensive, especially if you need to buy every component, and also for the cost of upkeep and maintenance. Why not make your own pool from junk just lying around in the shed or garage?

This is exactly why. It might work, but the neighbors are going to question your sanity, and it does not quite look like something you’d want to brag about at the next family reunion.

Portable Cooler Box

Cycling is not only a healthy pastime but also a fun way to enjoy sightseeing and getting out. However, all cyclists face one problem – staying cool in the hot sun.

This next creative individual found the perfect solution. Fix a cooler box to your bicycle and you will not have to struggle in the heat ever again.

While it is a good idea, the execution seems just a bit crude. Surely there would be better ways of doing it.


If you’ve ever tried to fix something by yourself and it did not work out the best, we hope you did not end up with the same kind of results as these people did.

These are makeshift ways of finding a solution that might work, but it seems like it would be a better idea to simply consult a professional.

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