Things Successful People Do When Applying for Jobs

When searching for a job, you may find it hard to get hired. Sometimes, that just happens, and it’s not always your fault. Successful people come up with more than well-written resumes or cover letters.

They also have unique skills that help them stand out from the multitude of people who are applying for a specific job. Nowadays, people searching for a job are just a few clicks away from applying, so it’s much easier than it used to be in the past.

We have some quick tips for you to learn how to apply for a job and how to highlight your unique skills so that employers choose you over the other applicants.

Things Successful People Do When Applying for Jobs 1

Quality versus Quantity

We all know that, sometimes, no matter how many resumes we send and how many companies we contact, we still don’t get the expected feedback. Some people even apply to hundreds of jobs and only hear back from a few companies.

Unluckily, that’s not a rare thing – every person who needs to find a job bumps into this problem. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of people looking for work. Accordingly, the competition is fierce.

Have a Cover Letter

Before applying for jobs, take a look at your CV. Successful people always come up with personalized cover letters and resumes that target only a specific position.

Employers will appreciate you for taking your time and investing effort in your job application. The better you write your cover letters, the higher your chances of being hired.

Customization is Important

Most of us tend to apply to jobs with our resumes, forgetting about the cover letters. That’s a mistake that beginners make, but it’s also applicable to more experienced people. Successful people do thorough research before applying for a new job.

They find the recruiter’s or CEO’s name and address their resumes and cover letters to them. That’s what personalization means.


Employers will appreciate you. You will have higher chances of getting hired compared to the other applicants who only sent their CVs. The most straightforward method to get in touch with a specific employer is via LinkedIn.

You do not need to put everything down in your resume or cover letter. Sometimes, it’s essential to highlight only the experience that suits the targeted job. The more relevant your experience is, the higher the chances of being hired.

Also, proofreading your cover letters and resumes is important. Make sure that your material doesn’t contain grammatical errors or typos.

Capitalize on Your Networking Connections

Sometimes, it’s not enough to send resumes and cover letters. On some occasions, it’s essential to get in touch with former colleagues, business owners, and so on, to see if there are any job opportunities.

If you’ve been a good worker, former bosses will most likely choose you over new applicants. That’s not a rule, though, as you may not always find a new job this way. If you’re in good relations with your college professors, you can also ask them for new opportunities, and you might be successful.

Optimize Your Online Persona

Nowadays, successful people not only have reliable resumes, but also maintain a significant online presence.

Social media is one of the most significant creations these days. Besides social networks, your presence on Google when someone searches for your name is important, too.

Social Media

Customize your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profiles to be sure not to show something that you don’t want a potential employer to see. If you only search for a good job, ditch those holiday photos, and only keep those that look professional.

Building an online portfolio on a personal web page is also a good idea. A well-made portfolio is much better than a resume or cover letter.

Create a Portfolio

If you have some experience in your work field, you should consider building a reliable portfolio. Successful people always come to interviews with a portfolio instead of a regular CV or cover letter.

Company owners will appreciate a well-built portfolio that reflects your skills in the respective field of activity. Print the content of your portfolio, organize the document, and take advantage of it.

Things Successful People Do When Applying for Jobs 2Summary

In short, the difference between successful people and regular applicants applying for jobs is the “show and tell.” With customized resumes and cover letters, backed up by a strong portfolio, you will get hired faster than the others.

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