The Best Ways To Get The Attention Of A Staffing Agency

You might be a growing business that doesn’t have an HR department, and that’s where a staffing agency can come in hand. You have put a significant amount of money, time, and made lots of sacrifices to get it to where it is now. And your most significant resource is your staff.

And that is where a staffing agency can help you find the best professionals out there. This can be a lifesaver to help you keep up and also be able to staff your business with top talent. However, they are human like you, and they will not just read your mind.


There are numerous actions you can take to help and assist staffing agencies you hire to bring their A-game and hire you the best staff possible. Well, read along with me and let’s find more ways you can get their attention.

The Best Ways To Get The Attention Of A Staffing Agency 1

Be Open About your Needs

Be as specific as you can about precisely what you need. Mention the specific skills you’re seeking and precisely what type of employee you are looking for. Remember, every business has its own culture, as such, be clear about what kind of personality you are looking for.

Be Realistic About the Market Rates

Whereas everyone wants the best employees on the market, not everyone is willing to pay them their worth. Do your research and find out how much such employees are paid in your area and compare it with yourself if you can afford them. If you can’t, maybe you need to lower your expectations a bit.


What are your Options

Do your research about the different services that the agency is offering. You might start with temporary talent that has the potential to stay on permanently. Likewise, you might need someone for a permanent role but perhaps the agency only does temps.

As such, weigh your options and avoid assuming anything. Always ask where you don’t understand.

Invite Them to your Office

One of the ways you will maximize and get the attention of an agency is to have them physically visit your office. Work with the recruiters to make this happen and if this is not possible, then be as detailed as you can about the working environment and what they should expect.


Make Use of Their Resources

Some agencies offer specialized services, while others don’t. As such, if these services are beneficial to you or your business, don’t hesitate to use them. The more resources you use, the more chances you have of having the exact employee you want. 

Put a Timeline

This should be done from the beginning, set a timeline for hire dates when you will be meeting or interacting with the recruiters. Don’t wait just for the position to be filled, but rather ask for updates along the way.

However, make sure you have a balance between work and running after the staffing agency to have things running smoothly. Setting timelines allows you and recruiters to plan and deliver without being interrupted and avoiding missed scheduled dates.

The Best Ways To Get The Attention Of A Staffing Agency 2Always Keep in Touch

Even after the position has been filled, always reach out to recruiters. Keep them updated on what sort of needs you are expecting to have in the future so they can keep an eye out. By doing so makes it easier to know how to serve you better in the future.

It also gives both sides the chance to learn from the experience and makes future interactions easier and more productive.

Bottom Line

Getting the right staffing agency can be one of the best resources when it comes to hiring competent staff to keep your business moving smoothly. Just like any other relationship, it needs constant communication and cooperation to get the best out of it.

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