Here’s Why Remote Workers Have A Leg Up During A Pandemic

In times when individuals have to suddenly become remote workers, a lot can go wrong.  Contact disruption is much more possible if the office isn’t used to remote work. For instance, the boss may not be accustomed to handling staff remotely and the organization might not have a ready-to-go technology set for remote employees.

Job-life harmony is one advantage that always comes to mind first when contemplating remote jobs. Many remote jobs often come with flexible hours, ensuring that as long as their work is complete, employees are free to begin and end their days however they like. Having influence over your job schedule will be crucial in fulfilling your personal life needs.


Getting the kids out of bed, having doctor’s appointments, and heading to the grocery store during the day; are all possible for remote workers. Taking a daily exercise session, or even being home for the plumber can all be done a bit better when you’re working from home. Here are some advantages of remote workers during a pandemic.

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You Can Save Money

Reducing the amount of time spent on a dull and uncomfortable commute is definitely a plus for remote workers. Even further, it may also provide a boost to the company. A workforce’s health and safety have been shown to be related to productivity and a decrease in absenteeism. If it’s a one-and-a-half-hour train ride or a 30-minute drive into rush-hour traffic, they’re never going to get there.

Working from home also lowers their commuting expenses, which ensures that the workers will spend more of their time on the things they enjoy. The effect is a happy, safer population.


Increased Productivity

Adopting flexible work strategies does not mean closing down the company or that workers can work five days a week remotely. This plan is not all-or-nothing. The most successful option for company owners and workers in the vast majority of situations is to divide time between home and the place of employment. When you do, the benefits demonstrate that it’s not just the employees that are going to enjoy the rewards.

An annual study by FlexJobs showed that 66 percent of employees find they’re more successful working remotely than in a typical workplace, with 52 percent claiming they go to their home office when they need to buckle down and get work finished.

Health Benefits

Working at home can lead to improved health in several ways: there is more time for physical exercise, the ability to eat healthily, the ability to recover from sickness, less exposure to disease (cold, flu, etc.), the opportunity to take care of a health condition or injury, and the choice to build a relaxed and ergonomic office. Remote working will allow workers the time and atmosphere they need to make safe choices.


Decreased Environmental Impacts

Teleworking reduces the need for daily commuting, which is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. Fewer cars on the road mean less carbon dioxide and other pollutants being released into the atmosphere.

Teleworking can lead to energy savings in office buildings. With fewer employees on-site, companies can reduce their energy consumption for heating, cooling, and lighting.

You Save More Time

In the United States, the average one-way travel time to work is 26.1 minutes. That’s nearly an hour spent commuting to and from work every day. So, according to the Auto Insurance Institute, last year, motorists spent about 42 hours trapped on the road.

Online employment removes or diminishes a commute, based on how many days telecommuting is spent each week. This time savings will allow a remote worker to get more morning sleep, spend more time with family, get into a workout, have a nutritious breakfast, or even start earlier work. Eliminating the hassle usually associated with traffic will really begin the day off on a better note.

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Even if you’re not allowed to work at home, make sure to assert your right to be safe during a pandemic. Click here to learn more about your labor rights during these trying times. Perhaps you should talk to your boss about the benefits of working remotely.

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