5 Places You Can Work From As A Freelancer

The advantages of working from home are numerous. If you take things a step further and you are lucky enough to be your own boss, the situation has even more advantages. Many people can identify with this situation. For freelancers, our homes are our workplaces. But there are times when we wish we had an office space that’s ours and is away from home.

Regardless of how you feel about it, we must search for other spaces to work. Sometimes, the order in which you do things at work is never the order in which you do things at home. Mirroring your schedule and processes outside the office once can be tough.


Some important things to consider are what situation you stay focused on for the longest, how long it takes to get back on track, and how you connect best. If you are self-motivated, adhere well to a routine, and enjoy minimal distractions, then the right choice for you is to work from home. If you enjoy social contacts, feel motivated by seeing others work, and stay on track better when others see you, then the way to go is to work from a different workplace. Would you like to know where else you can work as a freelancer? Read this blog to know more. 

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Coffee Shops

Remote workers around the globe are using coffee shops, and it’s not hard to understand why. They provide plenty of comfortable seating, excellent coffee (a prevalent addiction among those of us who work remotely), and excellent food in many cases. Furthermore, attractive features include a warm setting, fascinating furniture, and soothing background music.

All of these add up to allow coffee shops to offer many of the comforts of home while still helping you be productive. If you like to work late hours, coffee shops are great too. Though places such as libraries often close reasonably early, many coffee shops, open first and close very late, with some towns also offering 24-hour options.


For the best place, arrive early. This is vital if you need access to an electrical outlet (if one is not accessible, an external power bank will come in handy). Be considerate of the establishment and management. When the place is crowded, do not take up a table for four, always have at least one drink in front of you, and be sure to tip the workers.

Co-working Spaces

Coworking spaces offer a solution to one of the main disadvantages of the freelancing lifestyle: isolation. This sense of isolation is not only uncomfortable but can negatively affect your efficiency and ability to meet deadlines, according to recent data. For this reason, co-working spaces may be the ideal solution if a sense of comradery and community is important to you. 

Local Library

Libraries are environments that are typically useful when it comes to doing things, whether it is classwork or freelance jobs. Search for college libraries. Most university and college campuses have libraries that are open to the public and that close late while school is in session. Get a copy of the calendar from the library. Pay special attention to public holidays in your city. Also, note that libraries are sometimes used for public events that can impair your ability to work.


Local Parks

One of the easiest ways to increase and boost your productivity is to get outside. And, we all have access to the great outdoors, thanks to parks. Although free Wifi access can be found, not all parks have free Wifi. You may need to carry your own hotspot if that’s the case. However, setting up at a nice table outside is a great way to switch up your work routine.

A Friend’s Home

This is similar to a home-based job but with a twist. If you have a friend who also works for themselves, you might try to do a home office swap, so you get a scenery change but still have the comforts of a home office around you.

Another option is two days a week to work together, alternating from whose house you’re going to work. This takes care of some of the social interaction that you miss when you leave a ‘usual’ place of work, and also gets you out of your house.



If you have no choice but to work in your home or a hotel room, do your best to stay focused and on-task by creating a calming, distraction-free environment. Get some fresh air every few hours to provide a break for your eyes, back, and brain. And don’t forget the importance of staying hydrated— something that seems so easy can make a huge difference in your work’s quality.

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