3 Parts Of Your Personal Life You Should Leave Out Of The Office

When it comes to our workplaces, we spend quite a lot of time there. Maybe even more than we spend at home. Some have developed close relations with the people they work with. However, as you go about interacting with coworkers and building close ties with them, certain lines should never be crossed when it comes to your personal life at the office.

Sharing the right information with your colleagues is essential, but can you differentiate between right and wrong information? Disclosing too much is a no-no in any healthy working environment. However, you also don’t want to be the person who doesn’t associate with colleagues at all, either.


It’s essential to keep in mind that revealing the wrong things to colleagues can be devastating and can even affect your career negatively. However, we have identified some of the things about your personal life that you should never disclose at the office if you want to thrive in your career. Continue reading to learn more.

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Your Religion

Unless otherwise instructed, avoid discussing your religious beliefs with your colleagues. People’s religious beliefs are usually tied to their identities. Therefore, disagreeing with them might alter their perceptions of you.  Confronting someone’s values can be seen as insulting, especially to those who are so sensitive about their beliefs.


It’s important to remember that most people build their lives around their beliefs and values. Bringing in your two cents might not be welcomed. It’s okay to listen to people’s views but always try and avoid inputting your opinion or even bringing in challenging aspects.

Health Issues

It’s okay to give an overview or general talk of your health issues if you need to be exempted from work. On the other hand, there is no need for your colleagues to know all the details. Consider informing your HR department about any health issue that you think might affect your availability, attendance, or even job performance.

If you go through complicated health issues that you think might affect your job productivity, consider informing key players such as your supervisor. However, you are under no obligation whatsoever to notify every colleague. If you need to step out for the doctor’s appointment, request a day off but refrain from going into details.


Your Political Views

Whereas discussing important political views is essential, a workplace might not be the right environment to conduct such discussions.

Also, keep in mind that people have different opinions, and throwing in your opinion might do you more harm than good. Likewise, listen to what people have to say but always refrain from giving your side of the story.

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Bottom Line

If you want to thrive at your workplace, and even become more productive, separate what should be left at home with what has to be taken to the office. There should be clear boundaries that should never be crossed at any point. Failure to do so will bring conflicts and tension with colleagues and your bosses.

We hope this article helped you learn what parts of your personal life should be left out of the office!

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