Hollywood Stunt Person Jobs – How to Apply?

Are you passionate about acting? Have you always wanted to take a role in a movie? Are you looking for a job as a Hollywood stuntperson? If so, you will find good news in the fact that nearly anyone can try their hand at acting, and it’s not always necessary to have formal qualifications to do so (although you may need prior training). What’s more is that the pay is good, too. So, how does turning your passion into a career sound?

Read on, as this guide will further expand on what a typical Hollywood stunt person job entails. In this article, we will also discuss how much you can earn and how you can begin applying for jobs like these.


What Are Hollywood Stunt Person Jobs?

It is often necessary for you to be highly trained to become a Hollywood stuntperson. This is because you will be contracted to perform dangerous and risky scenes in television, films, and live shows. More often than not, you will stand in for other actors so that they do not get hurt.

These roles require such scenes to be shot with the highest level of realism to appeal to the audience. You do not want anyone to detect that a particular scene is unreal. So, as a Hollywood stunt person, it’s your main job to make the scene go safely and seamlessly.

Nature of Hollywood Stunt Person Jobs

Stunt persons don’t take just any ordinary roles in a movie. It’s important to be brave and confident in your abilities to take on such a role in a film. You will be taking on roles such as car chases, fight scenes, falls from buildings, crashes, and more.


You must be skilled in the art because the directors and production teams will be counting on you not to get injured, which could reflect badly on them. You must know what kind of protective gear to wear and also must be knowledgeable about how to act out scenes, such as fights.

A stunt person performs a stunt.
Hollywood Stunt Person

Hollywood Stunt Person Job Rates

The average salary of a stunt person is about $52,000 per year. Being a Hollywood stunt performer puts you at an advantage, though, where your payment may be at least $100,000, depending on your experience and how long you have been in the industry.

Because this is a very dangerous position, most movie directors provide insurance for stunt performers, which is an added advantage to your salary. You also have the option of negotiating prices depending on how risky the role is that you are taking on. Note that the fee will also depend on your skill, as well as the budget of the movie.


Hollywood Stunt Person Job Eligibility

Most stunt actors usually start as movie extras and then work their way up to big movie productions as stunt performers. In addition to the fact that you will need proper training, it’s always important to be passionate about it and bold enough to take on specific roles, like jumping off of a height.

Note that while the skills of a stunt performer are needed in such roles, technology is taking the upper hand in delivering certain moves. Apart from this, you need to be in good shape with good health to endure the high stress and physically intense activity involved.

How to Apply for a Hollywood Stunt Person Job

If you have a strong passion for performing stunts and are considering taking this work on as a career, there is information available on World Stunt Academy, a platform that has all the information needed to help you go to the next level.

It’s also advisable to get an agent who can manage your auditions and advise you on which jobs are worth your time to apply to.

You may want to start as a movie extra; this way, you can work your way up gaining experience in the movie industry, rather than just jumping into a role audition without any prior acting experience under your belt.

Consider the requirements and duties necessary for a Hollywood stunt person job. If you believe you are up to the task, get started kicking off your career!

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