How to Apply for E-Book Publisher Jobs

I am sure you have heard over time how competitive publishing jobs are, and I am not going to say otherwise. However, you might be lucky to find someone who will open the door for you. If you love writing and are creative with excellent editing skills, then a career as an e-book publisher may be well suited for you.

In this article, we have written down a simplified guide that can help you with your job search as an e-book publisher. We’ll go over the nature of the job, and how much you might be paid, as well as a guide for figuring out how to get started in your job search today.


What Are E-Book Publisher Jobs?

Forget about the traditional ways where people used to go about the lengthy and challenging publishing processes. This was undoubtedly expensive and somewhat wasteful. If you have a keen sense of detail and strong writing abilities, this could be an excellent opportunity for you. Publishing e-books is the in-thing now, and this is where your skills come in. Basically what you will do is to publish a digital print version of a book. You may be following similar style guides, but the industry is quite different.

How to Find E-Book Publishing Jobs Online

E-Book Publishing Job Rates

In the publishing industry, publishers are often paid a set yearly salary, or if they work by contract, they may be paid fixed amounts per project. The average pay in various major countries around the world will of course vary based on one’s experience and skills, as well as the company type, but below are some estimates to refer to.


In the United States, the average salary is around $40,000 a year, in Canada it’s around CA$49,000 yearly, in the UK it’s around £50,000 a year, in Australia it’s around AU$90,000 a year, and in South Africa, you’ll likely earn around R200,000 a year.

E-Book Publishing Job Eligibility

The good news is that there isn’t always a formal education requirement to start a career as an e-book publisher, though it is beneficial to have some form of education in practice because it can help you gain connections to current successful writers, editors, and their circles. Most e-book publishers, however, have a degree in some other field, such as Literature or English.

Having some relevant education might give you an upper hand over other candidates. Most clients also prefer writers with a degree because they assume that graduates have excellent communication skills, think critically, and are more professional. This job also requires you to be readily available at most times and willing to go above and beyond to meet deadlines.


How to Apply for E-Book Publishing Jobs

If you want to work as an e-book publisher, you may need to enroll in a course that covers this type of writing and publishing to familiarize yourself with any style guidelines that a client may present you with in the future. Find an institution that focuses on publishing such as Lulu or Amazon, or take a class online and use your self-starter skills to get you the rest of the way. Many of these courses can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Keep in mind that unless you have some connections, it might be quite challenging to make headway. You will need to create a decent resume to share with employers through online job search sites that let you filter for jobs by location. Some famous and reputable job sites include but aren’t limited to, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster.


A quick Google search will show a long list of reputable agencies online that you can check out to consider your chances of working with. Once you get an accurate resume out there and network with the types of companies you wish to work with, you will have a better chance at securing a job as an e-book publisher.

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