3 Reasons It Is Important to Have Women in Engineering

If you look closely in all sectors, there is gender diversification. In other words, there is no single sector that employs only men. No one wants their company to be portrayed as chauvinist because already that’s negative publicity for any business.

Traditionally, some professions were known to belong to only men. They include engineering, architecture, transportation, mining, and utilities, among others. It was unheard of to see women deep in mines or atop a building during construction.


But today, women are in every sector. They can take up any role like men because they are qualified and have the skills. Would you like to know why women are needed in the engineering field? Tighten your seatbelt and keep reading.

3 Reasons It Is Important to Have Women in Engineering
Image Source: New Engineer

Equal Opportunity for All

Every sector should strive to give equal opportunity to all people. There should not be any segregation of workers based on sex, color, race or age. All you should look out is the qualification, skills and passion for working and what the person can add to your organization.

It is only fair when everyone gets an opportunity to fulfill their potential. Women should have equal access to educational possibilities. They should be allowed to pursue a career of their own and allowed to practice.


Faye Banks

A good example of women achieving their dreams with or without education is Faye Banks, an IET (Institute of Engineering Technology) fellow and the winner of  Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award.

She left school with hardly any formal qualifications and started working for a manufacturing plant as a line operator. Every time the machines she would be using broke down, she would wait for an engineer to fix them.

She became more interested in what engineers would be doing with her machines. She would ask questions about how she could become an engineer too. She resat her GCSE to get her engineering apprenticeship, and she became unstoppable.


Now, she is a successful electrical engineer. Other influential women engineers are equally successful.

Engineering Is A World-Changing Career

It’s high time many of us stopped taking engineering for granted thinking it applies only to the everyday products and tasks that we perform.

In the real sense, engineering touches people’s lives in all aspects like having access to clean water, reliable electricity supply, good medical equipment and safe vehicles for transportation.

Each of these areas has been engineered in some way, and hence engineers help in solving the world’s major problems which in turn improves the lives of people.

Women have a lot of knowledge and expertise to offer in the engineering world just that they are not encouraged enough to join the profession or told how broad engineering is. When we highlight engineering to women, we benefit as a global society and also increase women’s opportunities to take on a meaningful career.


Engineering is one of the most creative and innovative careers that play a significant role in shaping the future. Engineers are trained to turn ideas into reality.

Their creativity led to launching a spacecraft into space, creating smart cities, and improving everyday lives which have all become a reality today.

Engineers are the people pushing boundaries of what was presumed impossible and achieving greatness along the way. When you make this industry accessible to women, they get an opportunity to help in shaping the future and also reap the benefits attached to this offer.

It’s a great opportunity if we allow our women to take part in paving the way to a viable future and making an impact in other people’s lives.

3 Reasons It Is Important to Have Women in Engineering
Image Source: The Guardian

Bottom Line

Engineering is a highly innovative and creative industry that shapes both the world we live in and our lives. It is behind the creation of beautiful cities, access to safe water, electricity, safe vehicles and even the roads we move on, among others.

So why not allow women to be a part of this creative industry and impact the world today?

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